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Hitesh Motwani, international coach on ChatGPT in Singapore

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Hitesh has trained professionals online and Face to Face in over 16+ countries

Unlock the potential of AI in Singapore, train your teams and revolutionize your business strategies with our expert Chat GPT Trainer, Hitesh Motwani. Specializing in comprehensive training for individuals and businesses, Hitesh empowers participants to master cutting-edge AI tools, including ChatGPT. This training focuses on practical applications and strategies designed to enhance your marketing and content creation efforts. Get ready to elevate your business with actionable insights and the transformative power of AI, right here in Singapore!


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Prompt Engineering

Master the art of prompt engineering and unleash the true potential of AI . In this section, you'll dive into the fundamentals of prompt engineering, understand AI systems and language models, and learn techniques to design and create effective prompts. Discover how prompt-based learning and prompt injection can transform your AI applications. Explore emerging use cases that showcase the power of prompt engineering in various industries.

  • Fundamentals of Prompt Engineering
  • Understanding AI systems and language models
  • Techniques for designing and creating prompts
  • Prompt-based learning and prompt injection
  • Emerging use cases for prompt engineering

Text to Text (Chat GPT Training)

Experience the power of AI-driven text generation with our text to text tools. These tools will revolutionize the way you create content, generate ideas, and streamline your workflow. Say goodbye to writer's block and unlock new possibilities for chatbots, language translation, and content creation.

  • ChatGPT: AI language model for human-like text responses
  • AI-powered writing assistant for content, headlines, and ad copy
  • AI-powered tool with internet access, surpassing Bing and ChatGPT

Text to video

Unleash your creativity and streamline your video production process with our powerful text to video tools. These AI-driven tools will transform your written content into captivating videos, enabling you to create professional video marketing campaigns, engaging social media content, and polished video productions.

  • AI-powered video creation tool for generating video content from text
  • Lumen 5: AI-powered video creator that transforms blogs and content into engaging videos
  • Wisecut: Online automatic video editing software that uses AI and voice recognition to create engaging video content with jump cuts, subtitles, and more

text to image

Bring your ideas to life with our powerful text to image tools. These AI-driven Text to Image tools will transform your textual descriptions into stunning visuals, enabling you to create captivating social media posts, engaging marketing campaigns, and visually appealing graphic designs.

  • Blue Willow: AI tool for realistic images and digital art
  • Mid Journey: AI tool to help you create real life generative art images
  • Stable Fusion: AI tool for photo-realistic image generation
  • NightCafe: AI tool for generating images from textual descriptions
  • Dall-e 2: AI tool for making images from text prompts

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Chat GPT & AI Tools Training Session

Training on Digital tools at IIM Bangalore with CMO’s of companies

ChatGPT, AI and Digital Marketing Session at SP Jain

Workshop conducted at 91 Springboard

Hitesh trained over 2,00,000+ Participants during covid

  • May 2023 – Conducted training for teams at LG on AI and Performance Marketing
  • May 2023 – Built an entire module on ChatGPT and Generative AI tools for a leading Edtech firm
  • April 2023 – Conducted training on ChatGPT for a group of 40 entreprenuers on behalf of Princeton Academy
  • April 2023 – Conducted session on Emerging trends in AI & Digital Marketing for Sony Pictures 
  • April 2023 – Conducted training for Casagrand Buidlers in Chennai on Chat GPT, AI Tools, Generative AI and ROI driven marketing
  • March 2023 – Trained over 1000 channel partners and entrepreneurs on how to use AI tools such as Chatgpt, Wellsaid, Eleven labs, Descript for marketing
  • March 2023 – trained AON team on Growth Hacking

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